Food Safety Resources

EHA Food Safety would like to recommend following references for you food safety professionals, including PCQIs, SQF Practitioners and QA manager and Directors,  to successfully develop, implement, maintain, test and verify your FSMA compliant Food Safety Plan.

Do you know how to Prevention and Control Norovirus?

USDA Food and Nutrition Service website has very valuable information for you.        Food Safety in Schools Information,    School Associated Foodborne Outbreak Date,  The Stomach Bug Book,   ICN Norovirus Resources,   CDC Noroviru Resources.

The ABCs Of Building A Food Safety Plan.

Step by step explanation of how to prepare FMSA compliant Food Safety Plan from HACCP based Food Safety Plan was presented by Anne Sherod (MS, Directgor of Food safety, The Acheson Group). Author explains 10 steps to build FSMA Food Safety Plan successfully. An excellent reference for QA/PCQI to prepare FSMA-compliant Food Safety Plan. However, the author was comparing HACCP and HARPC several times in the article. FDA, FSPCA, and SQF discourages the use of the term “HARPC”.  HACCP is also considered “Risk based Preventive Control System/Program” according to the FSPCA’s Preventive Controls for Human Food (First Edition-2015, Page 1-4, Instructor’s Note). Otherwise, a very helpful resource for PCQIs.

Recall Procedure – Regulatory Procedures Manual 0October 2013. Down load from FDA website.

The reference article provides policy, definitions, responsibilities and procedure for agency components to initiate, review, classify, publish, audit and terminate recall actions. It implements 21.CFR Part 7 Subpart C -recalls.

There are several Recall Program examples such as; A recall Program example for small meat and poultry processors by Kevin Keener, PHD., P.E. Purdue University,

A sample recall plan from California Department of Public Health,

Model Recall Plan developed by Jeff J. Sindelar, University of Wisconsin Madison, Meat Science and Muscle biology Lab.

A model recall program for the fresh produce industry has been developed by DR Osborne et al a the NC State University, Department of Horticultural science.

FDA Bad Bug Book.
Listeria Guidance fro the U.S. Dairy Industry. – Control of Listeria Monocytogenes.
FSPCA Regulation Overview by Jenny Scott Dec. 2015-YouTube. Jenny Scott (FDA) provides a regulations overview of FSMA for Human Foods (about 30 min).